Sunday, 14th September 2008

Steve Jobs speech at Stanford

Written by George Traganidas Topics: Presentations

On 12 June 2005, Steve Jobs gave a speech to the graduates of Stanford University. In his speech he narrated three stories from his life to the students and the meaning that each one of them has and how they shaped his life.

His first story is about connecting the dots. Sometimes events in your life look insignificant at present and only in the future you will realise how important they really are. His second story is about love and loss. In this one Steve explains how he left Apple and how through this loss he became stronger and came back. His last story is about death. People need to enjoy life and not let it pass by them. You need to challenge yourself all the time if you compromise or you live the life you dream.

His speech is very motivational and makes you think about how you spend your life. He does not spend much time to explain how to change it, but his advice on how evaluate if you are on the correct path to follow is helpful.

Check out the video and the full transcipt.

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