Tuesday, 28th October 2008

How to profit in tough times

Written by George Traganidas Topics: Guest Speakers, Personal Finance, Spread Betting

I have asked a friend of mine to write a guest post for this blog. My friend is a person who is very keen on action and I asked her to share her thought on these tough times that the economy is going through. Here is the practical way she is dealing with the downturn:

TOUGH TIMES AHEAD!!! Well at least that’s what all the tabloids have been screaming for some time now. Will it change? How long will it last? Who’s to blame? Who knows!!! BUT the famous saying of what goes up must come down, can be positively correlated with ‘where there’s a winner there’s always a loser’ and vice versa. So in dark down-turning times such as these, who is silently sitting in the corner smirking as they watch the markets take a dive?

Some call it gambling, others calculated risk-taking. Call it what you will but the world of Spread Betting is a world offering some iron gutted individuals an opportunity to rise above the thick blanket of grim financial distress. Call it a bit of fun or call it a full time job. Feel the adrenalin rush as u open your account each night and see the stocks playing in your favour, either up, or down…or not…

Spread Betting has now been a part of my life for 6 months and provides me with a slither of hope that one day I will be free of the shackles that tie me to a city office. Within this time I have seen my account increase and decrease like a yoyo on a string. Each time with less variation until one day I broke even. Was that a day worth celebrating! It’s not about taking a punt, it’s not about a ‘gut feeling’. The strategy adopted by myself and many others like me is known as ‘Technical Analysis’. This encompasses staring at stock, index and sector charts, identifying trends, triangles, head and shoulders, key reversals, powerplays and all either in front of your computer or while you sleep. The more you see of them the better! The more experienced you get the better you interpret your results. I sit there for endless hours asking myself how just HOW could I possibly have missed this entry point! WHY didn’t I move my stop loss further out? My target was too close! I shouldn’t have even played this consolidating stock! …..Lost? These are terms you will acquaint yourself with quicker than you can scream the word SELL!

For all the sceptics out there, there exists plenty reading material to whet your appetite as there are introductory courses. Spread betting is now a permanent part of my life, whether it be for the pure entertainment and adrenalin it provides me after work or for a clear exit of the reality I live in I will only discover in the future. It is not impossible; I have met a many people who live off this trade and as the old time saying goes – practise makes perfect.

You want to take it seriously? Take a course do the research; there’s a fine line between gambling and strategy, as there is a fine line between win or lose in this game.

Magda V

As you can see there are ways to benefit, even in these times. I hope that this article has inspired you to take action.

Follow the practical way,

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