Thursday, 11th December 2008

Be successful like Donald Trump, part 1

Written by George Traganidas Topics: Habits, Property Investing

Donald Trump

I came across the other day a series called “The Apprentice”. I am not a big fun of reality TV, but a friend recommended that I should watch this, because it is different and full of practical advice on how to succeed and run a business. As you know by now, I am very interested in practical advice and I thought of giving it a go and see what Donald Trump has to share.

I was pleasantly surprised by “The Apprentice”. It is all about business and how to be successful. Each week Donald gives the candidates a business task to complete and then at the end he judges them on how they did and gives his advice on what they did wrong. The tasks range from creating products to marketing to creating and running a business. The advice that Donald gives is great.

In each episode Donald gives a piece of practical advice on how to succeed. I have created a list of all the advice that Donald gave in the first series. Here is the list and my notes:

  • Location, location, location – You already know that the location that you choose for a project is key to its success. What you must also focus on is the person who is behind the project and that the person is as important as the location.
  • Don’t negotiate with underlings – You need to speak with the boss and not the employees when you are negotiating.
  • The art of the deal – You must master the art of striking good deals.
  • A deal’s a deal – You must follow through with the deal once it is agreed. This will build you a positive reputation.
  • Stand up for yourself – You must stand up and fight for yourself. No one else will do this for you.
  • Know what you are up against – You must do your homework, before you start a project.
  • God is in the details – You must pay attention to all the details. This can impress your clients and show you are a professional.
  • Beggars can’t be choosers – You do not beg to sell your services/product. If the person does not want to buy then walk away.
  • You gotta believe – You need to believe in what you are selling.
  • Think outside the box – You need to be creative with your ideas.
  • It’s easier to think big – You need to think big ideas and implement them. Few people make bold big moves and that will differentiate you from the mass.
  • Passion – You must be passionate about what you are doing.
  • Dog does not eat dog – You must surround yourself with other great and successful people.

As I said in one of my previous posts you must seek advice from people who are successful in their field and they are active players. Donald passes that test and I believe that his advice is valuable and can lead you to success.

Next week I will talk about the ideas that Donald presents in the second series.

Follow the practical way,

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