Tuesday, 16th December 2008

Be successful like Donald Trump, part 2

Written by George Traganidas Topics: Habits, Property Investing

Donald Trump

Last week I covered the advice that was given by Donald Trump in the first part of the series “The Apprentice”. This advice is covering practical ways that can help people become more successful in business and become better leaders. I think that these are steps that Donald has followed and he lives by. These steps have helped him to build his huge empire and become a billionaire.

The second series continues in a similar style. A new group of people face business challenges every week and hope to work for Donald. The tasks are similar to the first series, but the pressure is more and the deadlines are more aggressive. Donald continues to evaluate the performance of the teams each week and give feedback and advice.

Here are his gems of wisdom from the second series:

  • Be quick but be careful – You need to make decisions fast, but you must not be careless.
  • Get organized – You need to be organized and move decisively.
  • A penny saved is a penny saved – You must be able to control your costs.
  • Be respected – You must be able to get the respect of the people you work with and that work for you.
  • Price is right – You must price your product correctly for the market you target.
  • Know your market – You must know the market that will buy your product.
  • Sell your ideas – You must sell your ideas all the time.
  • You have to love it – You must love what you are doing.
  • Control your contractor – You must control the people who are working for you and make sure that they deliver.
  • Believe in yourself – You must have faith in your abilities to succeed.
  • Never lose your cool – You must always keep your temper and composure.
  • Form your own opinion – You must be able to decide for yourself and not ask for other people’s opinion all the time. You are the one to make the final decision.
  • Know your enemy – You must know the person who you will negotiate with.
  • Winning is everything – You must focus your energy in winning.

I hope the advice from the first two series starts to paint a clear picture of what you need to be a winner. There is some repetition and that shows the importance of the particular skill.

I will follow up in a future post with the advice from series 3. Till then have fun and be a winner.

Follow the practical way,
George Traganidas

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