Tuesday, 24th February 2009

Be successful like Donald Trump, part 4

Written by George Traganidas Topics: Habits, Property Investing

Donald Trump

The fourth season of “The Apprentice” was one of the best. The candidates were very strong and you are glued to your couch till the last minute. The final 2 are very both great and there is a little twist at the end of the series.

Donald here repeats his valuable advice through the series again. The topics are similar as the previous ones and you start to understand how he thinks. He focuses again on the importance of money, always thinking big and having a winning team around you. You can see that this is how Donald has built his empire. He combined these 3 elements (and a few more) and he built his empire. The tasks that the teams perform follow similar concepts as the previous series. They range from marketing, to selling, to creating ideas and of course teamwork and leading people.

Here is the advice given from Donald Trump in the fourth series:

  • Can’t we just get all along – Sometimes you will work with people that you do not like. You need to put your personal differences to the side and focus on the goal.
  • Be flexible – Your plans must not be rigid. You must be able to adapt as you go along.
  • Inspire – You must inspire the people who are working for you.
  • Maximize potential – You must know your team and play each team member to their strengths.
  • Money matters – You must always looks at the costs.
  • Take it to the limit – You must push yourself and your ideas to the limit. Do not compromise.
  • Get to the point – You must get to the point quickly. Do not lose time fluffing.
  • Loyalty – You must surround yourself with people who re loyal to you. If someone is not loyal once they will never be loyal.
  • Creative Balance – You must be creative and at the same time focus on your goal.
  • Be a gladiator – You must fight for your team and for yourself.
  • Family – You must surround yourself with a loving family that will support you.
  • Responsibility – You are responsible for the success or failure of the team.
  • Respect – You must win the respect of your team and you must respect them.

I will follow up in a future post with the advice from series five. Till then have fun and be a winner.

Follow the practical way,
George Traganidas

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