Tuesday, 24th February 2009

Invest like Warren Buffett

Written by George Traganidas Topics: Stock Investing

Warren Buffet has been characterised as the greatest investor of all times. He buys great companies in fair values and holds them forever. He is very successful and he has managed to become the wealthiest person on Earth.

There are many people who are wondering how he does this. They are trying to do the same thing as Warren and achieve similar results. One way that this can be done is by buying the same companies he buys at similar prices or better. This is not always easily done, because a lot of times he reveals his positions months after he has done the purchases.

In January, Warren has bought more shares from Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp (BNI) at an average price of $62.15. This buy was the results of exercising his put options he bought earlier in 2008. Today, BNI is trading at $59.06. This gives a chance to ordinary investors to buy what Warren bought at a better price.

I would like to point out that this is not investment advice. The purpose of this article is to share an interesting point and make you think. Every person will need to do their own research and decide if this makes sense for them.

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