Thursday, 14th May 2009

Be successful like Donald Trump, part 5

Written by George Traganidas Topics: Habits, Property Investing

Donald Trump

I finished watching the fifth series of “The Apprentice” recently and it is time to write the usual summary about Donald’s advice to be successful. The people who are regular readers of this blog should know by know the main themes from the previous series. Series five moves on similar lines. The focus of Donald Trump should be clear by now.

Donald’s advice follows again the main lines of the previous four series. I think that he has made his point in the previous episodes and now he just repeats it over and over again. That is good in a way, because you can understand which points he stresses a lot and which ones are not so vital. And as the ancient Greeks used to say “Repetition is the mother of learning”.

His advice on series five is the following:

  • Change the team – If the team can not perform, you have to change the players.
  • People are strange – Sometimes people do strange things and you must be prepared for it.
  • Plan B – Always have a Plan B, even if you are sure you will not need it.
  • Keep it simple, stupid – Try to implement a simple solution and not try to do complicated things.
  • Listen to your people – Listen to what your team has to say. After all you have selected them because they are the best.
  • Respect – You need to respect the people who are around you.
  • Be decisive – As a leader you must be able to make decisions and not vote for everything.
  • Know your customer – Before you provide a service to your customers, you must know what they want.
  • All in the family – You must surround yourself with a loving family that support you and love you.
  • Watch your back – As you climb the ladder of success, many people will try to undermine you. Be careful.
  • Deliver the goods – You must deliver on your promises.
  • Death to traitors – You must make sure that you eliminate traitors from your team. If someone was disloyal once, they will be again.
  • Work vs. friendship – You must make sure to distinguish between business and friends. There is nothing wrong with working with friends, but you must make sure they understand the difference.

I will follow up in a future post with the advice from the the final series. Till then have fun and be a winner.

Follow the practical way,
George Traganidas

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