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Wednesday, 13th January 2010

How to measure investment performance

Written by George Traganidas Topics: Stock Investing

As investors, it is very important to keep track of our yearly returns. Returns should be compared with a benchmark and our job is to beat the benchmark. If you can not beat the benchmark then it is better to buy it. This will save us money and time in the long run. There are certain things to consider when you measure performance:

1) Define your investment fund

First of all we must know what we measure. For example, assume we have a trading account of £10,000 and we decide to buy 1000 shares of Company X for £5.00 per share. Once we buy the shares, we will have in our account £5,000 in cash and 1000 shares of company X worth 5,000. Now assume that by the end of the year the shares increased in value and they are worth £6.00 per share. We can calculate our return in 2 ways:[…]


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