Monday, 8th February 2010

“Think Big and Kick Ass! in Business and Life” by Donald Trump and Bill Zanker

Written by George Traganidas Topics: Books, Habits, Personal Finance

Think big and kick ass, Donald Trump

This is one of the latest books of Donald Trump that he wrote together with Bill Zanker from the Learning Annex. They draw from their experiences in life to provide practical advice on how to think big in your life and achieve what you want. Donald gives many examples from real estate and his experience with dealing with famous people. Bill’s prospective is different. He draws his examples from the struggles that he had in starting the Learning Annex and transforming it into a successful company.

They recommend that is very important to find your passion and follow it. Do not do something for money, but because you are passionate about it. Then the money will follow. You need to go after your passion with 150% focus and to focus on the solutions to the problems that you will encounter and do not be dishearten by the problems. They say that you should follow and listen to your instincts because many times they will guide you through difficult situations. Their discussion of luck is very interesting. They point out that luck is created by hard work and not waiting for something to come to you.

There is a large portion of the book that is focused on been very competitive, gaining respect from your colleagues and going after people who are trying to hurt you. They talk about the jungle of the business world and that you need to be the strongest to survive, because people will always try to bring you down. What is very important as well is to build momentum and not to stop when you start to achieve things. Slowing your momentum will cause you to relax and you will lose your edge.

Their final advice is that if you want to think big you also need to act big. You need to show it in your everyday life. You need to have friends who have big dreams like you and learn from them.

In general the book is very interesting and discusses many personal characteristics that successful people have that you can easily copy. The examples that Bill gives from running the Learning Annex are very remarkable and show how big his thinking has helped him to grow his business.

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