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Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting 2012

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Warren Buffet

Last weekend I went to Omaha for the annual Shareholders meeting of Berkshire Hathaway. It was an opportunity to see and hear Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger speak live and answer questions for more than 5 hours. It is a great experience and really well worth it.

On Friday evening, there were welcome drinks with food and a live band at Borsheims. It attracted a big crowd and it was a great place to socialise and meet fellow shareholders. Some of them have been going to the annual meeting for 30 years, but there were also a few that this was the first meeting that they attended.

On Saturday morning, the main shareholders meeting took place at the CenturyLink Center and it attracted about 35,000 visitors. People started to queue at 6am to get the front rows for the meeting and see the Oracle. Having spoken with some of the veteran meeting goers, they advised us that there is not much point to go early and queue, because you only get to see two small figures at a distance anyway. There were 3 huge screens in the arena so you could see them really well independently of where you sit. Also, there were a lot of smaller overflow areas that you could go and sit (in case you did not want to go with the big crowd in the arena) that had screens to watch the event. The were screens even at the corridors in case you were walking around and did not want to miss the meeting.

At the floor under the arena there was the main exhibition area, where a lot of the Bershire companies displayed their product. Before the meeting, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates were walking around this area talking to people and reporters and taking part in a paper toss competition.

On Saturday evening, there was a follow up event at Nebraska Furniture Mart. They had a barbecue and games where you could win free sweets. A magician was also performing tricks to entertain the people who were queuing.

On Saturday morning, there was another event at Borsheims and the surrounding shopping center area. At about 1pm, Warren and Bill were playing table tennis with Ariel Hsing. Nearby US chess champion was playing 5 people at once and magician Norman Beck was entertaining people. There was also a bridge area were Warren and Bill were playing with local people and top bridge experts Bob Hamann and Sharon Osberg.

Then Warren went to Borsheims and for about 1 hour he was selling jewellery to customers. There were long queues of people who wanted to see and speak with him and lots of press taking photos.

The whole experience reminded me more of a fun fair than a shareholders meeting. This is the intention of Warren to get people excited and keep them interested the whole time. The relaxed atmosphere of the meeting makes you feel welcomed and wanting to go back next year.

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Babis Gakis
29 July 2013

Sounds like a great experience for any keen stock market investor. I will have to join you next time. 🙂

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