Saturday, 12th May 2012

Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting 2012

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Warren Buffet

Last weekend I went to Omaha for the annual Shareholders meeting of Berkshire Hathaway. It was an opportunity to see and hear Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger speak live and answer questions for more than 5 hours. It is a great experience and really well worth it.

On Friday evening, there were welcome drinks with food and a live band at Borsheims. It attracted a big crowd and it was a great place to socialise and meet fellow shareholders. Some of them have been going to the annual meeting for 30 years, but there were also a few that this was the first meeting that they attended.[…]

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Sunday, 12th October 2008

“Breakthrough to success” NLP seminar with Chris Howard

Written by George Traganidas Topics: Habits, NLP, Personal Finance, Presentations, Seminars

Breakthrough to success with Chris Howard

In June, I went to the Breakthrough to Success seminar by Christopher Howard. It was such an awesome event. Chris rocks. He has studied NLP and hypnosis for years and it shows every minute he is on stage. I have studied NLP as well, but I have never seen anyone put it to practice so well. Every move and every word he says are calculated and full of meaning.

In the seminar he covers the areas of wealth, personal growth, career, relationships and family. The best thing is that he shows you the skills to use to achieve what you want in the areas and you practice them with him. So, you gain a lot of insight on the practical application of these tools. […]


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