David Lawrenson

Tuesday, 18th November 2008

“Successful Property Letting” by David Lawrenson

Written by George Traganidas Topics: Books, Property Investing

Successful Property Letting

I was curious about this book, because it was written by a UK author and it covered how to let your property in the UK market. Its reviews were good and I decided to have a look. After I finished reading it I agreed that it is a very useful and informative book.

David is very down-to-earth and he explains in his book the whole process of how to search for a property and how to select the appropriate one. He gives guidelines on how to rent it and most importantly how to manage your tenants. In the end, he gives more advice on tax and other general issues. As the title says, he puts more focus on the letting side of property than on the buying side. He covers the buying at the start of the book, but the main focus is on how to be a successful landlord.[…]


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